HIM is a Finish rock band. The band was started be Villi Valo (vocals) one day when he was working at his dad’s shop and decided to get his life in order.  He then gathered some of his friends together Mige, Linde, Gas, and Burton and started the band called HIM.

  Villi Valo- Villi Valo is the lead singer of HIM. His birthday is on 11.22.19 1976.  He is a Scorpio and he has two siblings Mige (bass) and Linde (guitar).  His favorite film is The Nightmare Before Christmas.  His lucky number is zero and his favorite dish is the Body and Blood of Christ                                                                                                            
  Migé- Mige is the bass player in HIM.  His birthday is on December, 19th, 1974.  He is a Sagittarius and has a younger brother Helmut.  Mige’s favorite film is Sleepy Hollow.  His lucky number is 666.  His favorite drinks are coffee and water.  His interests include Catholic churches and most exotic instruments.  He has several idols including Black Sabbath and Villi.  His favorite song is Black Sabbaths War Pigs.  He dislikes many things including hatred, aggression, and any kind of ghosts or evil spirits.  He also dislikes modern shopping malls, any kind of night fears, and envy.
  Villi and Mige Gas Burton and Linde About HIM