The history of Kennywood is part of what makes this such friendly astomphere. It is a park full of history and many memories. Family is what Kennywood is all about and the history reflects this motto. Read on to discover the rich history Kennywood has to offer. When you walk into the gate of kennywood you feel welcome and at home. The history is what makes this park so friendly and inviting to begin with.
  Founded in 1898 as a small trolley park near Pittsburgh, Kennywood was begun by the Monongahela Street Railway Company, which was controlled by Andrew Mellon. Today's Kennywood still contains two major buildings dating from 1898 -- a carousel pavilion and a restaurant (originally the Casino).
  At the turn of the century, Kennywood was engaged in a fierce battle for survival with about a dozen other trolley parks and amusement resorts in Western Pennsylvania. The Pittsburgh Street Railway Company wanted to get out of the amusement park business in 1902 so it subleased the park to first a Boston Company and later to a group from Aspinwall. In 1906, Pittsburgh Railway Company assigned its lease to A.S. McSwigan and Frederick W. Henninger.
  Many changes occurred between 1900 and 1930. In the early 1910's, Kennywood built two large roller coasters: The Racer and the Speed-O-Plane. Important rides added in the 1920's were three coasters: Jack Rabbit (Designed by Miller and Baker in 1920), Pippin (designed by John Miller in 1924), and Racer in 1927 replacing the old Racer built in 1910. The park added a huge swimming pool in 1925

The Great Depression from 1930 to 1935 was especially hard on the park. Dancing helped keep the park in business during this period as great dance bands played in the park from 1930 to 1950. Kennywood prospered in the second half of the 1930's as new rides including Noah's Ark (1936) were added. During the Second World War period, the park couldn't add new rides, but it did buy a used ferris wheel and a miniature train. It still operates the latter

The Great Depression was very hard on the park. If people barley had enough food to eat why would they spend precious money on entertainment to have fun? The one thing that kept Kennywood alive was the dancing.


In the 1950's Kennywood was the place to be for school picnics. The park added many new rides to kiddieland During this time period Kennywood decided to spend the money necessary to stay competitive. The park added a huge swimming pool in 1925.




As Kennywood moves through the 21st century it keeps a balance of chance and preservation. what makes Kennywood the park that it is today. Let's hope that our future generations will be able to enjoy what many in the past and present remember as a great park.



The pictures you are are seeing are of the progress of some of Kennywood's finest rides. You can see that Kennywood has come a long way from where it was. I am glad to say that I visit Kennywood every year. This makes me a proud Pittsburgh resident. La La La


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