In the early days of the park it was very common the people would drink from the spring.  The spring was originally used by George Washington during the French and Indian War.  It is no longer at the park because its place was taken by the Jack Rabbit.


 Athletic Fields were a common attraction at Kennywood.  Many activities, games, and picnics were held at the fields.  There were also foot races, and mud volleyball games.  There were two picnic shelters as well.  They were used to host school picnics, annual outings, communities, church groups, family reunions and so much more.


The swimming pool that used to be an attraction at Kennywood is no longer used.  It was opened on May 24, 1925. The pool was still under construction in the winter of 1924-25.  There were bathroom and locker rooms that were opened at the same time.  One feature that people liked was the diving board that was available for people to use while the pool was open.


The original refreshment company was owned by Robert F. Henninger.  He was also the vice president of the park.  In 1946 he took over the refreshment business and completely changed it.  It started out as just a few food stands and he changed it into a high-volume, modern business.  When the park was originally opened, refreshment tickets could be bought when guests entered the park and then could be used to purchase food and beverages.  That system was then changed to a normal purchasing system- as it is today.


The casino was on e of the original buildings in Kennywood, along with a dance pavilion and a building for the marry-go –round.  It was built before World War II.  After the casino closed it was converted into the Patio Café.   The building is no longer the café at the park so it is used for storing the ride’s cars in the winter.

  The first racing roller caster in Kennywood was the Racer.  It was built in 1911.  It was built to over look the Monongahela River. It was also called the Aerial Racer Joy Ride, Aerial Racer, Mountain Joy Ride, and the Aerial Joy Ride.
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